Four years ago, Speedy Daddy Media launched as a content development company dedicated to delivering premium automotive content designed to help everyday consumers connect the right dots before making the second most expensive purchase of their lives.

As we approach the half-decade mark of satisfying our clients, we’re renewing our commitment to communicate not only the impact of our work, but also how technological, sociological, digital publishing, and convergent marketing trends should influence automotive content development strategy. Based on the insights of experts within those fields, we’ll help you to understand how the landscape might change, and what you could do to ensure success.

For now, though, as we close out the year, let’s re-cap Speedy Daddy Media’s activities in 2015.


In 2015, our company produced 522 individual pieces of content, more than 70 collections of unique test-vehicle photography to populate more than 140 different galleries, and 28 vehicle review videos.

Additionally, we launched 2015 model year and 2016 model year buying guides for the New York Daily News website, covering the 150 most popular models on sale in the U.S. The guides treat significant alternative powertrain and performance models separately, as well as major body styles, resulting in robust, tailored, and targeted advice to car buyers.

All told, the number of individual pieces of content produced for our clients during 2015 eclipses the 1,000 mark.

Based on reported unique visitation to our clients’ websites, this body of work was exposed to a potential audience of 5.5 million people per month in 2015, not including social media channels.

On You Tube alone, via Autobytel and Car Gurus video channels, our reviews of 2015 and 2016 model year vehicles were viewed more than 1.9 million times.


At the end of 2015, Speedy Daddy Media began working with Autobytel again, following a yearlong hiatus. We produced just two articles for Autobytel in 2015, but there is more to come in 2016.


A new website launched at the end of 2014, AutoWeb’s content development efforts are placed within the capable hands of Michael Harley, who serves as editor-in-chief and chief analyst for the company.

During 2015, Speedy Daddy Media contributed 52 articles to AutoWeb, delivered in the form of previews, first drives, reviews, comparison tests, lists, travel stories, buying advice articles, opinion pieces, and interviews with company executives.


According to Compete data, Boston-based Car Gurus enjoyed a 16.7% increase in website visitation during 2015, increasing unique visitors from 3.35 million to 3.91 million monthly.

During 2015, Speedy Daddy Media contributed 47 new-vehicle reviews in the form of articles, photo galleries, and videos. Video reviews are a new initiative for Car Gurus, which launched its You Tube channel during 2015. By the end of 2015, video reviews provided by our company had amassed more than 215,000 views, with more people discovering and subscribing to the channel every day.


This was a big year for the J.D. Power Cars website. The company redesigned the site, added contributor bylines to the content, and began publishing thoughtful analysis and opinion.

Additionally, J.D. Power resurrected its “PowerSteering” new-vehicle review format, originally conceived by Speedy Daddy Media founder Christian Wardlaw in 2007, when he was an employee of J.D. Power. Current site editor Jeff Youngs restored the concept with the website redesign, and the unique format uses J.D. Power research data as a key component of vehicle evaluation.

During 2015, Speedy Daddy Media contributed 232 articles, buying guides, previews, first drives, reviews, galleries, lists, and opinion pieces to J.D. Power Cars.


Speedy Daddy Media is the sole provider of content for the “Car Buying” section of the Autos channel on the New York Daily News website. Annual buying guides launched for the 2015 model year and continue for the 2016 model year, now supplemented with a “Deal of the Week” article that highlights vehicles that we would recommend and that are on sale.

Additionally, during 2015, Speedy Daddy Media contributed 33 articles and vehicle reviews to Daily News Autos, and 5 video reviews.

In 2016, the publisher will launch the Daily News Autos (DNA) Awards in conjunction with the New York International Auto Show, a program conceived by Speedy Daddy Media for the Daily News.

OVERSTOCK CARS has a “Cars” channel, and Speedy Daddy Media is the exclusive content provider, annually supplying 156 previews, reviews, first drives, lists, and articles to one of the largest Internet retail companies. Overstock recently hired a new executive to rebuild the Cars channel and business, so stay tuned for changes in 2016.

Thank You, and Happy New Year!

Speedy Daddy Media sincerely thanks each of our publisher clients, their editors, and their support teams for their business. On a daily basis, we strive to make their lives easier by consistently delivering well researched, thoughtfully reasoned, and thoroughly fact-checked and edited content about the automotive industry and the vehicles it produces.

Happy new year, and best wishes!